Backup Made Simple

Backup Made Simple 5.1

Backup Made Simple is a powerful backup solution for systems of any kind

Backup Made Simple is a powerful backup solution that perfectly suits systems of any kind. The tool ensures total protection of all the vital data and documents on your PC from any disasters like operating system failures, hard-drive corruptions, system crashes, etc.

This backup program works with a proprietary file format, which is perfectly suitable for compressing the contents and thus saving your valuable space. These compressed files can even be distributed among multiple discs if needed. You can make backup plans and create multi-disk backups; copy any file or a folder to removable backup media like DVD, CD, USB flash drives, etc.; manage all the present and past backup plans and backup destinations; and use many of the program's other functions. The program is very easy to use and has a very neat and simple interface. It also includes a built-in ‘Backup Plan Wizard’ to help you to design backup plans, and a 'DVD/CD Writer Wizard' to provides you with all the information about backup drives, files and folders and basic information about using DVD/CD writers. So no matter whether you are a technical or novice user, this tool will be of help in creating reliable backups of the vital data on your PC.

Venugopal Naidu
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  • Reliable backups
  • Compatible with several DVD formats


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